ROADMAP: Green Door Project

Posted May 20, 2015 in Food & Drink, More, Music

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Green Door Project

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It’s not a first seeing a drinks company sponsoring or even putting on night-time events of their own. We’ve seen Heneiken, Red Bull and other brands put on everything from concerts to club nights and festivals. And sure it does make sense – people in a night-club setting consume a lot of beverages.

Carlsberg, who has always been very involved in sports, took a step into the clubbing world with their Green Door Project. It’s a concept where they explore the future of the Swedish club scene by creating a platform for collaborations between some of Sweden’s driving forces behind present-day culture.

The free Green Door Project party will take place in a secret location on June 6. Among the acts on show will be Cherrie and Annamelina, who are doing a song together especially for this project. Record label Staycore has also joined forces with designer Tobias Lund and the New Jersey DJ Uniiqu3 to cook up a maximized experience both visually and musically.

Green Door Project, June 6 @ somewhere good

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