Stureplansgruppen Open New Restaurant Arnold’s

Austin Maloney
Posted 5 months ago in Food & Drink

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The restaurant group Stureplansgruppen never seem to slow down. Now they’re opening up a brand new outlet, Arnold’s, set to be housed in the old Arnoldshuset (as you might have grasped from the name). On the menu is plenty of French food culture, with inspiration from the US blended in along with an extra helping of fish, shellfish and vegetable options (signature dishes will include Grilled Sea Bass and Papaya Salad). The bar will be packed with signature cocktails, many of them fruit-based, along with a wide range of wines and non-alcoholic options. Plus, the bar will come stocked with non-plastic straws.

“When we created Arnold’s, we had power lunches in Beverly Hills, exotic fruit and the Beauty and the Beast on our minds. It’s our vision of past times, when it was a little more of a show to go to a restaurant”, says John Hällsson of Arnold’s.

You’ll find Arnold’s on Biblioteksgatan 21 and it’ll be open Tuesday to Saturday, 17:00–02:00 from February.

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