Re-arranged Moderna Museet Invites Guests To A ‘New Museum’

Austin Maloney
Posted 2 months ago in More

Moderna Museet
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Moderna Museet is home to over 140,000 works of art, which is far too many to fix into any museum space at once.  So like most museums, they’re always in constant flux, moving pieces between the exhibition halls and the storage rooms to give every piece its day in the sun and keep the collections fresh. But this year has marked one of their biggest reworks to date.

This time out the whole museum has been rearranged, the collections reworked and the rooms remodelled. Now the collection display will be divided into different themes, or presentations of individual artists, given titles like ‘A room of one’s own’, ‘Collage and assemblage’ and ‘Eccentric abstraction’. The collection has also been expanded to include more work by female and Swedish artists.

Gitte Ørskou, director of Moderna Museet, says “Moderna Museet has one of Europe’s finest collections of modern and contemporary art. Presenting it in a thematic chronology not only sheds new light on the individual works. Juxtaposing works from different eras also further reveals the timeless power of art to convey human thoughts and emotions”.

This weekend, on Saturday November 23, the museum will be opening the newly arranged collections with a day party. There’ll be guided tours, artists talks and presentations and more.

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Photo: Moderna Museet/Åsa Lundén



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