Lisa Nilsson @ Cirkus

Posted April 3, 2014 in Music


After successfully releasing the song written by Mauro Scocco, Himlen runt hörnet, it was then that Lisa Nilsson rose and was visible to a wider audience. As a front woman, she was successful, but something made her shift focus to being simply a song writer and musician, without the goal of being in the limelight, so to speak.

Her early years were composed of attending several dance institutions, such as the Royal Academy of Ballet. Since 1986, Lisa Nilsson has had recurring roles in several musicals, stage performances, collaborations with jazz bands & orchestras. All the while still managing to maintain her position in the Swedish music back catalog.

In 2013, Lisa Nilsson released her eleventh original studio album, Sånger om oss, and since early 2014 she is touring Scandinavia with her band. It’s a good thing the songs were intended to be played live, since the early stages of recording the album. Over 20 gigs are planned for the tour spanning over March through April. Here in Stockholm, we’re fortunate enough to have a great venue like Cirkus, that is a perfect location for Lisa Nilsson to fill with her beloved voice.

Words by David Johansson

Lisa Nilsson is at Cirkus on April 3.

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