Latin American One-Day Fest La Feria Comes To Slaktkyrkan

Austin Maloney
Posted 6 months ago in More

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Fans of Latin American culture, food and music should get themselves to Slaktkyrkan on Sunday, when the one-day festival La Feria will be taking over the venue. La Feria is a new festival that aims to celebrate the fusion of cultures from different parts of the world, with this year’s edition highlighting Latin America. The festival will consist of two distinct parts, with the opening hours focusing on food and a friendly family atmosphere, with chefs from Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Sweden serving up specialities. After 17:00, the festival goes into a more night-time mode, with live music from bands like Sudakistan and Falakumbe. There’ll also be art from Latin America on-site, and the Panoramica Stockholm short film festival will present a series of short films.

Festival arranger Carlos Amigo Callejas says: “This is the first edition of a project which will be annual thereafter. The idea came from my interest in the culture of Latin America’s native peoples, like the Maya, Inca, Aztecs and Mapuche, along with a feeling that we have lost our footing a little bit and forgotten where we have come from. I am myself am from Chile, and feel a need and a curiosity about going back to my roots. I think we have a lot to learn from the native peoples’ relationship with Pacha Mama, Mother Earth, which was characterised by a natural simplicity, respect and love. A relationship and a method that, despite hundreds of years having gone, can be applied in our time, if we’re just willing to be open to it”.

La Feria, Mar 10, 11:00-00:00, Slaktkyrkan

Photo: Pacha Mama by Tamara Leal

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