11 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Posted December 22, 2013 in More

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Admit it. It’s days before Christmas and you’ve completed about half your list of gifts. Every year seems to get harder to figure out exactly what to get your Great Aunt Åsa, because deep down you know you can’t get away with a third year of coffee or a bottle of Glögg.  And what the heck do you get your 16 year old cousin? Do kids that age still read books in paperback?

Now would be the time you’ve started to panic. You have about 2 days until Christmas Eve and you’ve gotten nothing. At this point you’re ready to hit up Hem Kvall and just get them a buck load of candy. Talk about meaningful.

Fortunately for you, we’re about to save your Christmas disaster. We’ve compiled a nice arrange of last minute but thoughtful gifts ranging from pricey to completely inexpensive. You’re welcome & Merry Christmas!

1. Sony Smartwatch 2 

This is the perfect gift for all your technologically advanced relatives that you don’t mind splurging for. It’s perfect for Dad, a sibling or even a grandparent (as long as you have the time to teach them how to use it, ha).

2. Apple Gift Card


Apple Gift card is ideal for the younger cousins that you’re wracking your brain to figure out what they’d like. With the ability to purchase songs, TV shows, movies, apps and much much more, you’re giving the gift of choice. What could be better an that for an indecisive pre-teen or teenager?

3. Urban Oufitters Home Items


Urban is a great place for unique household items that serve as ideal Christmas gifts. It’s suitable for Aunts, uncles, cousins, and more! And all you need to do is take a trip to Stureplan.

4. H&M Accessories 


Although the weather has been nice to us as late, us Stockholmers know more than to believe the brutal winter won’t creep up on us soon. That’s why everyone can always add to their arrange of winter accessories to help withstand the cold to come in January. It’s a simple but perfect gift for any of your relatives.  An iPhone case can be purchased for your neice that your brother just got an iPhone for too.

5. Maria Nilsdotter Jewelry 



Maria Nilsdotter Jewelry is the perfect gift for a wife or significant other. The designs are gorgeous and very elegant to wear and great for any woman or girl! Her flagship store also has extended Christmas hours just for the late shoppers!

6. A Japanese Getaway in SALTSJÖ-BOO



The perfect getaway for your wife, aunt or mom! Who doesn’t love getting pampered or getting the chance to really relax? That’s right – no one.

7. English Books



The English Bookshop that lies in our cute Old Town is a perfect spot for small and inexpensive gifts for the family. From kids to adults, everyone will appreciate a beautiful book of many major classics. It’s a wonderful way for your Swedish relatives to practice English or for those who just want to have something great to read.

8. Subscription to the Economist



A subscription to the Economist is a great gift for all relatives or friends that love keeping themselves in the know with global issues. It’s very interesting, a great read and the subscription comes every week! Yes, you can get one for yourself too.

9. Cookie Crafting



Homemade gifts come from the heart and most of the time are the most special of all.  That’s because you took time to do them and time is precious. First get a cute jar and ribbon from Åhléns. Then, head to Pinterest to find some yummy Christmas cookies. Wrap it up, attach a card or label and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous gift!

10. Tickets to see a concert for 2



Concert tickets are a great gift to give any Stockholmer, or even those that live outside of Stockholm. Music is a huge part of our culture and with the over abundance of venues in the city, you can find anybody a concert that they’re sure to love!

11. Framed Pictures


Framing memorable photos is cheap and thoughtful. Mom, Dad and the grandparents will really love it and you’ll be sure to get the adoring “awwwwww,” which you know means a win.


And if all else fails head to Gallerien tomorrow for as long as it takes. 

Words by Angela Markovic


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