The Weekender Jan 5, 6, 7: Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend

Austin Maloney
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Honeymilk Weekend
Panorama Test

The Stockholm Experimental And Animation Film Festival sums up what it is pretty well with its title. They present work by filmmakers from across different countries with a special talent for unique expression within the medium. The third edition will be shown at Zita Folkets Bio this weekend, with a wide range of films on the menu. You can read about those here.
Jan 5, 18:00-21:00, Zita Folkets Bio

It was at the beginning of last year that Honeymilk dropped their second album I Want You To Be Very Happy, full of sweet, sad melodic indie-rock. They’re getting this year started with a show at Britrock club Klubb Common People, coming to Bar Brooklyn on Friday.

Jan 4, 20:00-03:00, Bar Brooklyn

Clubbing is a little quiet this weekend, it being the first weekend of the year and all and everyone being a) broke from Christmas and b) hungover from NYE. But Morfar Ginko are still flying the flag, with  Slobodan Zivic and Gullmars Johan on duty on Friday, and lesbian Klubb Eve [slogan: “Adam was just a draft – Eve is a work of art”] having their ‘real New Year’s Eve’ party on Saturday.  Entry is free.
Jan 4 & 5, 21:00-01:00, Morfar Ginko & Pappa Ray Ray

Photo: Honeymilk by Ben Hansen




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