Is It Possible To Visit A Casino In Stockholm?

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For many travellers, one of the given attractions in a new city is to check out the most popular casinos. In Sweden, however, this isnt really as easy as it is in many other countries. What does the casino situation look like?

The gaming industry blossoms and new casinos are established all over the world on a monthly basis. Many travellers love to check out the local casinos when they visit a new city but to do that in Sweden it’s not as easy as it is in other countries around Europe. And this because of the governmental regulations concerning casino games and betting.

For instance, only the Swedish state may run casinos, and they are doing it conservatively. In all of Sweden, you can only find four land-based casinos – one of them in Stockholm. Casino Cosmopol is located right in the middle of the city and offers a wide selection of games, that should satisfy the casual gambler.

The gaming monopoly is under a big change.

If you’re looking for more action you’re gonna have to look online. Hundreds of non-Swedish internet casinos have found their way into the market, which has caused the government to put the gaming monopoly under a big change. The 1st of January 2019 it will be legal for both Swedish and international gaming companies to run online-based casinos on the Swedish market in exchange of an 18 percent gaming tax.

Since there are so many internet based casinos on the Swedish market, the competition is huge, and all the gaming sites are trying to attract new players with the help of generous welcome bonuses. Check out this list of the best internet casinos (bästa casino listan) to find out what gaming sites are the most popular right now.

Another thing, some of the internet-based casinos are doing to distinguish themselves from their competitors, is to offer the possibility to game without the need to set up and register an account. Instead, you identify yourself with a Swedish legitimisation app called BankID and play right away. The obvious benefit from this is that you don’t need to give away any personal data or credit card information. To see all the casinos that offer to game without the need of an account, check out this list: alla casino utan konto.

Even if the Swedish gaming monopoly is in a big change this only concerns the internet-based casino businesses. The Swedish government is still alone on hosting land-based casinos. So, if Casino Cosmopol doesn’t offer the excitement you seek, check out the online casinos instead.

In Association With Elitcasinon

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