Iris Smeds Performs The Average Manifesto At Index

Austin Maloney
Posted 8 months ago in Arts

Iris Smeds
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The artist Iris Smeds works with text, video and performance, and is currently working on a piece called The Average – “a surreal narration about the mean value”. The Average looks at the increasingly quantifiability and measure-ability of our society, and the conflict between the ideas of the ‘masses’ and the ‘super individual’, and asks if the average might be a sustainable way out of these problems. The whole show will open at Växjö Konsthall later this year, but before that there’s a performance of a part of the, ‘The Average Manifesto’, tonight at Index. It’s a surreal journey through the forms and symbols of the average, and it opens at 19:00 tonight.

Iris Smeds: The Average Manifestio, Index, 19:00-21:00. Kungsbro Strand 19

Photo: The Average, Iris Smeds (2018), by Lisabi Fridell

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