Interview with Iman Hazheer, music journalist.

Posted May 29, 2013 in Music


Iman Hazheer is a music journalist and one of the co-founders behind the creative platform called “AKA”. He’s also a hip hop-connoisseur and keeper of the secret of spitting 16 bars of fire on a beat.

What is your favourite thing about Stockholm?

The fact that it’s progressive, surrounded by water and a melting pot of people with different stories to tell. The stories just need to come life more than they usually do.

How do you think it can become a better place when it comes to nightlife?

It could become a better place if it turned left a bit more often. The offering tends to be sort of streamlined from time to time and I think that the city’s nightlife would be a lot more vibrant and colorful with variations. That’s a little shot at the consumers as well, since they can play a part with how they spend their money in this fucked-up monetary system.

Any particular favourite restaurants at the moment?

It totally depends on the mood and amount of hunger. When I want to get my Middle Eastern on, I usually turn to the Persian cuisine at either Tehran Grill or Vanak. In other cases, Turkish/Kurdish at Amida Kolgrill, Lebanese at Underbar or the mean wraps at Hötorgshallen will do just fine.

You can also find me at Judit & Bertil feasting to a Big L-album, pouring sake at my sushi spot in Liljeholmen or just downstairs from my apartment depending on if the laziness kicks in. I have a pretty awesome Thai restaurant just beneath my flat. I can really place my order from my balcony. No joke. Plus I get a hefty discount. You can’t beat that.

What inspires you?

Nature, with its shapes, forms and colours. Stories, whether it be words, imagery or audio. And certainly humans in general; how we actually deal with shit.

What are you plans for the summer and future?

Continuing expanding the “AKA”-platform with bigger and better events, projects and content. And of course, keeping on covering the never-ending realm of dope music.

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