How To Dress Well In Scandinavia

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Posted March 15, 2019 in More

Scandinavian men are the best dressed worldwide
The Scandinavian people are amongst the most well-dressed people in the world. They are very well known for their stylish solutions to the rough weather. The Scandinavian weather is often described as rainy, snowy or windy, and to be honest the weather is just terrible. But the amazing thing is the Scandinavian men’s ability to still look stylish in the rough conditions. Also they are looking like they aren’t even trying to look good. There’s a lot of tips other countries and men can learn from the Scandinavian men’s style. Read further and find out how you can dress like the Nordic men.

Effortless style
The most annoying thing about the northern men, is that they look so good without even trying. It’s impressing how they make simple styles look so good. But the secret to this, might lie with the fact that the weather is so rough. Because of the weather they must make rain and winter clothes look good. This is why, you see so many Scandinavian men wearing long coats and scarfs. They always use very dark and navy colors and that’s what make them look so stylish. Everyone knows a yellow raincoat aren’t going to look great. The Scandinavian men know what kind of styles they got to work with, and they use them to perfection.

The secrets
The secrets to the Nordic men’s fashion styles, lies with some simple fabrics and products. The combination of a knitted scarf and long coat in dark colors, fits perfectly into the ‘hipster’ trend that’s been going on for a while. The Scandinavian people also have an advantage with their ancestors, the Vikings. You can say that the classic ‘hipster’ style came from Scandinavia. Because they have rocked the long beards for a while now. The use of accessories in Scandinavia is also one of their known features to look out for in the future.

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