HOUSE Kicks Off At Fasching This Friday

Austin Maloney
Posted 11 months ago in Music

Panorama Test

If you were told about a club called HOUSE, what would you guess the music was? Well if you (somehow) managed to figure out that it would be house, you’d be right. It’s Fasching’s new club, run by Rasmus Faber, ”Mad” Mats Karlsson, Saint Sebastian and Kalle Stringberg and will feature DJs like Sussi Zällh, Julia Lindholm, Hannah Prescott, Fabio & Stef and more. The club is a total tribute to house music, from the Chicago scene to how the genre has developed today. Faber says: “We wanted everyone who likes this music to come to HOUSE, both the audience and the DJs. Moreover, we all like good parties and will be inviting a bunch of fantastic DJs to take part in our evenings”. It’ll be be at Fasching every Friday from May 11 and will be open between 00:00 and 04:00.

HOUSE, Every Friday, Fasching, Kungsgatan 63

Photo: Miki Anagrius



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