Häktet Aim To Add A Little Spontaneity To Their Menu

Austin Maloney
Posted October 29, 2018 in Food & Drink

Häktet Vänster
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As a bar and restaurant, Häktet has been a firmly-rooted part of the Södermalm landscape over the last six years. But now they’re planning to change this up a little bit. The restaurant will close for a couple of days to renovate their kitchen in order to enable them to relaunch their menu.

The ‘new’ Häktet, which will also include a freshened-up interior design, will now focus on giving its guests a degree of flexibility, and the option to drop in spontaneously for a meal without having to plan in advance. So the old á la carte menu is gone, and has been replaced by a wide range of snacks, 14 dishes and a couple of dessert options. There will also be more seating, as well as a section of tables set aside for drop-in customers, which makes it easier to visit without a table reservation. Häktet will also no longer be closed between lunch hours and after-work hours, which means guests can now stick around after lunch.

Founder Viktor Nyman says: “Our guests eat out more often, and in a less formal way than when we started Häktet. People want to come in groups, and also have more flexibility. Some will want the full three-course meal, some will just want snacks and some just want to grab a drink. That’s why we’re making it easier to just drop in, both for big things and small things. To make it easier to do what you want when you want”.

Häktet re-opens after renovations on November 1.

Häktet, Hornsgatan 82

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