Gig Preview: Fågelle

David Johansson
Posted October 8, 2014 in Music

Fågelle @ Klubb Lilla Döden (Skyddsrummet), October 11

 fågelle kopia 2 copy

Klara Andersson’s moniker Fågelle is an electronic explosion of sounds, feelings and suggestive song writing. The only written description of Fågelle is on its Facebook page, where the project is described as ”experimental pop about birds” (’fågel’ means bird in Swedish).

The bird theme is very The Knife-y, and there are some elements in Fågelle that reminds you of some of the weirder The Knife moments, and it’s fantastic. Using equipment to record stuff while playing them live and looping them she’s doing something pretty cool about this questionable method of performing music.

Klara Andersson is ultimately creating something unique, and this Saturday she’s playing the queer feminist club Lilla Döden right here in Stockholm.






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