Posted September 17, 2013 in Music

Panorama Test


A band originated from Oxford, England will be gracing the Berns stage in October with their indie-rock electro infused style. Foals is known for their well-known debut album Antidote that was released back in 2008.  The band has featured on different TV soundtracks such as the hit HBO show, Entourage. The bands influences range from minimal techno, math rock, and new wave. The Foals’ most recent album is Holy Fire, which was released early this year featuring their hit single from November 2012, “Inhaler.” The album is unique with more emotionally eccentric and significant than most bands that compare. The beauty of Foals lies in their attention to delivering great body-catching beats, instead of flawless productions.

Foals will be at Berns on 12 October 2013

For more information and to purchase tickets click, here.



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