Flavour of the month: Glögg

Posted December 2, 2013 in Food & Drink, More

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It’s that time of the year again – time to light the candles, find those tiny cups and start planning for the annual glögg party. And as usual, the producers have been busy developing new versions of this age-old drink, known as mulled wine in the US and UK and as glühwein in Germany, to sell to us.

Regardless of the trendy new tastes they are trying to introduce, Blossa’s speciality glögg is always one of the most popular. The brand is going back to its roots with this year’s version – Dalecarlia, and the bottle features a traditional kurbits painting on a red background. But the taste is yours to guess – Blossa wants glögg drinkers to give feedback on the taste and define its ingredients, and the public’s verdict will be revealed on December 13th, Saint Lucia’s Day.

A perhaps more innovative glögg comes from Lakritsfabriken, the premium licorice manufacturer in Ramlösa. Naturally, there is a touch of licorice in it, and it’s also alcohol free.

Herrljunga 1911 is going down the same route by launching an orange-chocolate glögg with low alcohol content. “We’re seeing a trend for flavoured glögg,” says the company’s CEO Johan Branmark. “Flavouring makes it possible to use glögg in new ways, as it can be served both warm and cold, in drinks and in desserts.”


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