Five Songs Of The Month: September

Austin Maloney
Posted 8 months ago in Music

Five Songs

We’re sure you can figure out what it’s about from the title alone. It shouldn’t take that much explaining right? We’re gonna celebrate the end of every month by picking out some of our favourite tracks from the thirty-odd days we’ve lived through from (loosely, we might include other Swedes sometimes, who knows) Stockholm/Stockholm-based artists. You can listen below.


After releasing her debut EP Boys last year, Linn Koch-Emmery has been slowly working her way towards a new record (as well as spending the summer touring, including shows in the US and Mexico). After the single Wires dropped in February, she returned with a follow-up this month. Don’t Sleep On My Luv follows in the style of EP tracks Bby Nevermind and Forever Sounds, mixing guitar fuzz and rollercoaster singalong choruses with breakneck energy and momentum.


Photo: Albin Händig

La Lusid’s debut self-titled album arrived last week, and it might be one of the most well-crafted records to surface this year. It’s ten songs of beautifully-written, gentle indie-rock with a fair amount of Amason in its stylistic DNA. One highlight is second track Come On Home (sweeping, soaring, instant charmer of a song) but really the whole album is a must-listen.


Photo: Natalie Lennartsson

Nadia Nair has kept things a little low-key since her 2016 album Beautiful Poetry, taking time out to do some writing for other artists. She returned with the single K earlier this year (and a gig at Lydmar), and now she’s dropped a new double-single. The lead track, Bricks And Sandstorms, is heavy and dramatic, starting off darkly before Nair’s shimmer voice pulls it up into something higher and purer, a deeply-moving, striking piece of electronic pop. It’s out with the B-Side, Moon, now.


We featured Stainwasher’s debut single Ruminate Forever when it popped up around a year ago. Now twelve months on, the anonymous producer is back with another. Time Lapse takes her sound very much into shoegaze territory, for a clock-stopping, slow-drifting, airy, graceful song. She says: “I wanted to make a song that progressed slowly and made room for details to shine through. The song also started off as a way to distract myself”. An EP is due later this year.


Photo: Kelly Wedin

Another band who had been quiet this year up to this point, synth duo EASE also made a comeback this month. They broke the silence in a spectacular fashion though, with new single Teaching Crimes. It’s a high-octane rocket of a song, leaning hard on screeching synths and muscular momentum for an intense, dark piece of electronica.

Photo: La Lusid by Albin Händig 

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