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Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and is famous for its luxurious atmosphere with high-end shopping, modern architecture and a wild nightlife scene. It’s a city for the people wanting that little “extra”. And it’s come to be one of the popular places for many influencers from Stockholm to go. Names like Michaela Forni, Kenza  Zouiten Subosic, Ida Warg and Isabella Löwengrip to name a few – so how do you do Dubai like an influencer? Flygresor put together a travel guide that can prepare anyone for Dubai. Here are a few sights and activities to complete that guide.


See the sights – bird’s-eye view

Whether you’re on top of the Burj Khalifa or at the Dubai Marina, you will always find a great view in this city. Seeing that crystal clear water relaxes you on a whole other level. You can reach heights up to 828 meters íf you climb the Burj Khalifa. You can also get off around level 124 for a cup of coffee above the skyline if you don’t like heights. If you are looking for a good spot for your Instagram pictures – this is it.

For the adventurous

Check out the ancient trade routes on Dubai Creek. There is nothing like it, with beautiful mornings and even prettier nights. This is the real heart of the city and you can see the buzzing day-to-day lives of the natives. Ride across the water for that luxurious Venetian vibe that even Venice can’t beat.

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The place for city people craving sun

Skyscrapers, city lights, fancy restaurants and a whole lot of shopping. The city has it all – which creates the vibe. But that’s not all. It’s also got the sun and the beach. This place is for people wanting the city life whilst catching some rays.

Immense perks for tourists

Dubai might not be the place for everyone, but it has everything you could wish for. If you have saved up for your vacation and are willing to spend a little extra, Dubai has all sorts of fun activities. You could try out desert skiing or why not the indoor ski resort inside Dubai mall, if you desire some real snow. You could also try a caviar facial that firms up your skin – the ultimate facial treatment. Dubai has it all.


With this city you have amazing experiences around every corner – try it out and feel the same high-end feeling that so many of Stockholms finest influencers post about



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