DRINK THIS NOW: Drip coffee from Peru

Posted March 30, 2016 in Food & Drink, More



Peru is a coffee producing country that has found its way back on to the trend map. I love to drink coffee that offers more than a good story – preferably one that is freshly roasted, but also fresh from its source of origin. The Peruvian coffee we are currently roasting is the very first crop from a plantation that a colleague of mine happened upon when looking for exciting new growers. I always appreciate being proven wrong when I have a preconception of something and in the past, Peru hasn’t really delivered when it comes to impressive coffee. But the sweetness, acidity and buttery feel of this particular bean makes it the best thing to drink right now.


I always have my drip coffee black. If a raw material is good, you don’t have to over-complicate it by mixing it together with other things that take away from the flavour.


This particular Peruvian coffee is available at Johan & Nyström. But I’d like to challenge everyone to explore any store with specialty coffee and tea. Start by asking about the origin and select a single-origin coffee – not one that mixes together different beans. That way the flavours are guaranteed to be clear and exciting. Coffee is supposed to be a flavour experience, not only as fuel for the body.

As told by Sara Hjälmås, SCEA-certified coffee judge, podcaster at Filterkaffe and coffee purveyor at Johan & Nyström.


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