Deadwood And Vélosophy Team Up For Clothing Meets Cycling Capsule

Austin Maloney
Posted 9 months ago in More

Deadwood Vélosophy
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Deadwood we know about at this point, the Swedish clothing brand famous for their recycled leather jackets, made fresh using material harvested from recycled leather clothing. They’re taking that commitment to recycling even further these days, by teaming up with Swedish bike manufacturers Vélosophy for a new capsule that brings clothing and cycling together.

On Deadwood’s side, the capsule will contain a biker jacket, vest and riding bag, all made of recycled leather, along with a t-shirt made from recycled cotton. Then Vélosophy add their new bike, made from recycled aluminium. Felix von Bahder of Deadwood says: “It feels amazing to come together with another innovative brand around a common green cause. Bicycling is a lifestyle. So is recycling!”.

The capsule is out from August 29, and available from Deadwood as well as online.

Deadwood, Bergsunds strand 32

Photo: Press


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