Club highlight: Lill Lindqvist

Ida Therén
Posted September 30, 2014 in More, Music

Club highlight

Lill Lindqvist


Like her charming accent, Lill Lindqvist comes from a place called Olofström in the south of Sweden, where the two biggest exports are professional tennis players and Volvo cars – that is, until the blonde Lill came along.

Previously spotted in these pages when she worked with Spymlan, Lill eschews her small-town roots here in the big city, seemingly involved in every cool area of life in the capital. She can be found beavering away at communications, PR and event bureau JOANNANANNA, where she works with art, food and travel, as well as at Nosh and Chow and Bernie’s where she is entertainment manager. In short, she has all the ingredients for a fun night out in town at her fingertips.

What has been your favourite thing about working with nightlife?

Since I was 15 years old I’ve truly loved clubbing and nightlife so it’s been great to be able to work with my hobby. It’s been amazing to work alongside Nanna Waktel with the concept of our members bar Bernie’s, I feel that we have really contributed something different to Stockholm’s nightclub scene. Most importantly we managed to create a place with guests of different ages, not just kids. I personally think diversity in age has been the one thing lacking in Stockholm’s club scene – a party is always more fun if it´s a mixture of ages and different kinds of people than a homogeneous crowd.

And the worst experiences from it?

That you really get socially exhausted. I’m an extremely social person but on Sundays I can’t stand to see people anymore.

 Describe the perfect guest at your party nights.

An intelligent, creative, eccentric, crazy and fun loving person. I love Peter Pan types, that is, a person who never gets old, but at the same time has a lot of experience in life.

What’s the type of guest you’d rather not see?

A narrow-minded and prejudiced person. A person like that would never have any fun at any of my parties.

What are your favourite places to eat in town at the moment?

Nosh and Chow, Halv Grek plus Turk and Shanti.

And where do you go to drink and hang out?

Nosh and Chow and Bernie’s, Halv Grek Plus Turk, Riche and Teaterbaren.

You seem to keep yourself pretty busy – what are your plans for the future?

I hope to be able to continue to work with what I love my entire life. In a perfect world I would also be able to do that and live in the countryside. Besides from that I don´t have much plans. I´m a hopeless spur-of-the-moment kind of person.



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