Cat Cafe Java Whiskers Opens In Vasastan

Peter Steen-Christensen
Posted February 22, 2019 in Food & Drink

Java Whiskers
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Some people’s fascination for cats never ceases to amaze. When Cat Flower People opened its doors in Tapei in 1998 they didn’t know they were releasing a cultural wave, where cat people from around the globe would open cat cafés at a blistering pace.

And now, 20 years on, the global cat café craze has reached Stockholm. So everyone who has been longing for coffee and kanelbulle in the company of furry friends can finally exhale.

Even if the name isn’t as inspiring as KitTea in San Francisco, La Gatoteca in Madrid, New York’s Meow Parlour or even Catmosphere Café in Thailand, Vasastan’s new Java Whiskers promises to fill a void we all knew needed to be filled.

You can’t bring your own, or disturb them when they’re sleeping but for 150 kronor an hour you can expect good company for your afternoon fika from one of the nine cats present.

Java Whiskers, Surbrunnsgatan 48, every day 10-18.

Photo: Moa Malmqvist

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