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Posted March 3, 2020 in More

Sweden has seen just over one full year of being a regulated market in regards to gambling, and there’s been a lot of exciting changes happening during that year, especially when it comes to job opportunities.


Since the market is no longer a monopoly, non-government gaming companies have been allowed to apply for and receive a Swedish gambling license. The license will not only enable them to offer their product to Swedes, but it also allows them to set up offices and offer their product from Sweden.

For Sweden, this means that the casino business is now one that is more widely available in regards to open job positions, seeing as working for a casino operator no longer requires one to move from Sweden. Since Stockholm is one of the main hubs for businesses and business relations in the country, this is the main city where you will be able to find job opportunities within the gambling sector.


Gambling operators located in Stockholm

You might be surprised to know that online casinos have had offices in Stockholm even before the license. This is because, although the monopoly was in place, companies were allowed to have part of their operations in Sweden, such as tech and development. That said, more casinos are now expanding their offices to allow for all sorts of operations to commence, such as customer support, CRM, marketing and more.



Considered being one of the best betting companies on the market, Betsson is one of the companies with offices in Stockholm. With their recent cooperation agreement with GiG (Gaming Innovation Group), it might be that new job opportunities will open up there soon.



As the leading mobile casino, LeoVegas has kept their UX and UI departments working from their Stockholm and Växjö offices. For the tech-savvy, there might be exciting positions available at this gambling operator, who’s Stockholm office is just a short walk from Hötorget.


Kindred Group

Kindred Group owns a lot of different casino sites, and for Swedes, the most well-known is probably Unibet. In April 2019 the company moved into larger premises and also hired a whopping 250 new employees, just for their Stockholm office.


Alternatives to working in an office

There are other job opportunities one can take that does not require daily office hours, working from an office. This is especially true for those who feel they would be great at writing content for these companies. You might think that a casino is mostly about games and money, but there’s a lot of written content that goes into an online casino site. A great alternative to office-life is, therefore, to work as a remote freelancer for them.

Working as a freelancer for an online gaming company entails that you create content for them from your own home (or from a workspace, café, bar, park, you get the gist). Of course, this means that you can do so from Stockholm, Thailand, or even during a road trip through the US if you want to. As long as you have an internet connection, some discipline (as well as the know-how on producing kick-ass content), and the necessary paperwork for self-employment in order, you are good to go!




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