Brödet Talk New EP And Popaganda’s Vårfest

Austin Maloney
Posted March 19, 2018 in Music

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Stockholm six-piece Brödet ( Carl Christian Holmberg, Stella Cartriers, Jonas Thunberg, Otto Reimers, Maximilian Wiking Kern and Erik Holmberg) first appeared in 2015 with the Mammon EP, which pinned their sound in the world of dark, trippy electronica. Since then they’ve spread their wings into different genres over a couple of singles (including a cover of Haddaway’s What Is Love), before eventually landing here: with their new EP Darling, freshly released last Friday. They’re also booked in to play Popaganda’s Vårfest this Saturday at Färgfabriken (along with Hurula, Holy Now, Sibelle Attar, VERO and Pale Honey). We caught up with them for a few questions.


Hey Brödet. The last time we heard from you was the Loser single, what have
you been up to over the last few months?
We’ve been in a deep state of paralysing self doubt and existential questioning. Do we like what we’ve become? Do we like this thing which we have done? Do we even like music? Eventually, we remembered that yes, we do like music. We like ourselves, and we like this EP. Also, we have been tuning in to the fine art of moving, which surprisingly can turn quite ugly. Half of the band have moved between apartments during the final stages of the EP creation, which was very stressfull for those involved, also giving rise to logistical issues during really critical times.

Tell us a little about your new single Until The Morning.
It’s strange how lonely you can feel in the city. Stella sings “if you meet me at Freddies, I will wait for you there.” She is still waiting.

You have a new EP on the way. Does it feel like the sound has changed since
2015’s Mammon, lighter and less dark?
Both. Yes and no. Well, not really. But also yes. Seriously though, no.

What should we expect from the Popaganda show?
We will play for approximately 30 minutes and we will try to pull off several of the tracks from Darling, the new EP. Plans for entering the stage on hoverboards have been postponed due to security reasons, perhaps we will settle for skateboards. Maybe we will just walk onto stage, even if that will be a bit of a letdown after our previous stunts.

And what’s coming up over the rest of the year?
We’re spending a lot of time on the beach now that the EP is done. Perhaps the rest of the band will also move. And maybe you will show up at Freddies, so that you can take Stella with you. Please book us, so that we can tour with the EP.

Popaganda’s Vårfest, Mar 24, Färgfabriken. Brödet’s new EP Darling is out now on Naiv Recordings.

Photo: Emil Lundqvist



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