Björn Borg Open Rage Gym In Telefonplan

Austin Maloney
Posted 7 months ago in More

Rage Gym
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Look, first of all, what is a ‘rage gym’? Well, the idea is that as we go about our daily lives, we collect aggressive desires and impulses from the frustrations we encounter, whether it be things going wrong at work, eternally late or non-existent trains, that car that cut out in front of you, whatever. In most cases, because we live in society with rules of decent behaviour, we repress them as it’s inappropriate to let those frustrations out. And that’s where the ‘Rage Gym’ comes into the picture, a safe, designated space for people to unleash and deal with all the anger and frustration they’ve been holding in, and emerge feeling cleansed and better, all while getting in some adrenaline-boosted training.

The sportswear brand Björn Borg is now bringing the concept to Stockholm, opening up a rage gym at Telefonplan. People can let their inner feelings explode while exercising, by “slamming doors, flipping tables and throwing things at a brick wall”. On hand will be ‘provocation trainer’ Jenny Adolfsson to help maximise the experience. “I’m there to help guest maximise their adrenaline and to make them reach new heights of strength”, she says. “The energy and increased focus from an adrenaline rush can be utilised as an advantage when working out to do those final reps or go that extra mile”. 

Lennart Högman, researcher in cognitive neuroscience, explains the benefits of the gym: “Holding on to anger over a long period of time can be bad for our health. But, the adrenaline that anger releases can make us feel stronger. The increased strength can be used in exercise, which constitutes a great place to ventilate and relieve yourself from the stress hormone that adrenaline is“. 

You can see the gym being put through its places by parking attendants and librarians, who are apparently holding in the most inner fury, below.

The Björn Borg Rage Gym will be open between March 29 and 31, and those interested can book a slot here

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