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Atlas Television
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Whatever you think of ‘sponsored creative events’, for better or worse they’re here to stay for the time being at least. And a new concept is making its Stockholm debut this weekend. Made By is a collaboration between Pistonhead Foundation and Luger, and the idea is to “creative unique occasions where music, art and other creative forms of expression can meet”. The first event, which takes place on Saturday at Hilma, and will be curated by the art duo Atlas Television (Duda Bebek and Alexandra Karpilovski), who are promising an evening inspired by the classic surrealist film Picassos Äventyr. The band Lines will also play on the night. We caught up with Bebek and Karpilovski before the show.

How did you end up getting selected for Made By?
We were invited as ”Atlasgruppen” a artist group of three sharing a studio and doing projects together. We named the event at Hilma ”The Tears of Atlasgruppen”. While planning all of this we had to split up due to time issues regarding our individual artistic practises. We also lost our studio at this time. Funny, now the name ”Tears of Atlasgruppen” fits even more perfectly. We (Duda and Alexandra) started Atlas Television a couple of months ago and decided to go on with the project under this name instead.

Tell us about your affection for the film Picassos Äventyr and how it inspired what you’ve put together for this performance.

The movie is convincing even by using very simple mediums. This permeates throughout the whole film; the speaking language is supposed to sound like Italian, even though they are speaking in Swedish. It is advanced and simple at the same time. We adore contradictions and visionary thinking. Picassos Äventyr is funny yet sad, serious and strange at the same time which creates this surrealistic feeling. There are many sides of life and therefore also art, to be filled to the tip of the top.

You’re both also artists as individuals, but how would you describe Atlas Television as an art concept?
Atlas Television is a visionary duo concept. There is this open channel on tv called ”öppna kanalen” where anyone can buy time to do their own thing. Sometimes, when you’re home in bed with a flu, one might leave this strange channel on. This mix of short amateur-produced films, clips, commercials, religious propaganda and much more, inspires us a lot.

You’ve described Saturday’s show as a ‘living performance’. What have you got planned for it, what should we expect?

By putting together many diverse performative acts and with our studio-made scenography set up, the venue becomes a performative platform. You can expect to be surprised.

‘Humour’ and ‘play’ are words that pop up in your language when talking about the show. Are they important ingredients for surrealism in your opinions?

Yes, but we believe that surrealism should be a stranger mix of feelings, moods and ingredients, just as life is.

Made By: Atlas Television, Hilma, May 19, 21:00-03:00



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