Adam And Albin Bring Tokyo Nightlife To Stockholm With Misshumasshu

Arezo Ghavidel-Asgari
Posted April 11, 2019 in Food & Drink


Adam Dahlgren and Albin Wessman’s new venture Misshumasshu is a mix between a night club and a high end restaurant, located in the Birger Jarlspassagen.

The celebrated chef duo met 14 years ago when working with Mathias Dahlgren at Bon Lloc. Together they have opened Adam/Albin on Rådmansgatan, Tvätteriet, located next door, plus the noodle kiosk Raamen in the Teatern food court at Ringen in Skanstull. Now the time has come to open up something new, this time with inspiration from Tokyo. Misshumasshu is Japanese slang, and means something close to mishmash. The name seems very apt since it’s a healthy mix of fine dining, night club and take away.

Why are you opening yet another restaurant?
It’s something we have wanted to do for a long time. We have our high-end restaurant, and what is in principle a noodle kiosk at Södermalm. Now we wanted to create another type of restaurant and we thought the location was perfect. It’s such a fine and historic premises, and we wanted to create something really cool, something that was in contrast to the actual space, hence the use of a lot of neon and this odd idea we have realised here – with for example our own take away-section by the entrance.

What’s the pricing going to be like?
There’s quite a range and the idea is that you should be able to eat in different ways. You can come by and just have something to eat or drink, or you can sit in the restaurant all night, enjoying ten courses over a span of four or five hours. We see it as it four separate parts. First we have the bar that we call liquir bar that is more inspired by American dive bars than a fancy cocktail bar, having loud noisy music. Then we have this take away section, where you just pay here directly. We also have the actual restaurant, of course, where you sit down to eat. And finally we have the passageway right here, so that at night time when the shops are closed we take over and will play music and create a good hang out here. It’s the interaction between the various parts that is the unique concept. And then we’ll of course have food with a high gastronomic focus but made in a simple way and with reasonable prices.

What would be your own favourite dish on the menu?
I’m incredibly stoked about the yakitori, Japanese skewers that you traditionally have with different sorts of chicken. We will also make it with Japanese wagyu beef and some other things. I haven’t seen that type of cooking in Stockholm. Ever since I was in Tokyo I have dreamt about doing this myself. But I’m a rookie really, neither Albin or myself have really cooked this type of food before so we’re a little nervous.

Photo: Fredrik Skogkvist

Adam also promises that there will be noodles on the menu along with a host of various dishes. Plus their signature ramen dish will be available for order all through the night.

“In Tokyo you have Ramen before you go home after a night out, so you wake up and feel fresh the next day,” Adam tells us.

What kind of cocktails will be available at the bar?
‘Quick’ is the watchword in this bar. Nothing shaken, nothing stirred or strained. It’s supposed to be fast. Not that it will be sloppy, just a bit more high-tempo, it has been thought through, with the aim of being fast. It’s something we have thought about lately when we have been out, that you really hesitate to order a cocktail because it takes so long. First you have to wait for the five people ahead of you in the line and then when you yourself have ordered you don’t really want to wait anymore. You want it to be quick so you can rejoin your company. That’s why you have a beer. Because you know it will at least be quick. But anyway, there will also be sake, wine, beer and of course the possibility to have a good cocktail.

You and Albin have worked together for a very long time. What is it that makes the two of you into such a good team?
We compliment each other very well. In the beginning we did everything together but through the years we have found the various tasks that feel the most appropriate for both of us. Albin is the optimal person to manage the operation and is the CEO for the whole restaurant group while I focus more on the creative side of things.

Misshumasshu has now opened on Smålandsgatan 10.

Photos: Fredrik Skogkvist



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