3 X: Dynamic Design Duos

Micha van Dinther & Magnus Wittbjer
Posted September 28, 2017 in More

Emma Stridh & Robert Wettebrandt

Possibly the city’s hottest new design duo, designers Emma Stridh and Robert Wettebrandt make up design studio Designkontoret. The pair are alumni of Beckmans, obviously one of Stockholm’s most prominent design colleges, where they worked on several projects together. The ‘Örta’ ceramic herb pot is designed to be easy to move around and fit into smaller spaces, perfect for that windowsill urban garden of yours. The piece is inspired by folk art and handicraft.


Alexandra Nilasdotter & Liu Chien-Kuang

In a quest to merge the two disciplines of glassmaking and ceramics, Swedish ceramist Alexandra Nilasdotter joined forces with Taiwanese glassmaker Liu Chien-Kuang and founded Normal Object Factory earlier this year. Focusing on design-strong concepts with a high finish and quality materials, the studio’s collection will consist of handmade pieces in glass, ceramic and wood. We particularly love ‘Pin’, a self-watering tool that will supply your indoor plants with enough water to last for weeks on end.


Martin Eckerberg & Frida Erson

Swedish designers Martin Eckerberg and Frida Erson, who are both designers in their own right, find the time to work together as Formellt whenever the stars align. By no means a new design, the ‘Into the Fold’ armchair has become a favourite of ours, as it literally enfolds you in a tactile environment. Another great piece of theirs is ‘Curve’, a paper towel holder that combines contemporary style with innovative design, and is available in the on-trend material brushed brass.




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