The Weekender Feb 23, 24, 25: Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend

Austin Maloney
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Panorama Test

Approach upwards, because Tak’s roof-club TAKT is back this weekend. And performing live is producer and artist sweeep.  Sweeep makes dark, subtle electronic music that flows in sync with the undercurrents of your thoughts. She released a new double-single, Thought U Knew Me/ Pandemonium, last week, and you get the chance to see her bring them to life here. Techno star Sankt Göran DJs, along with TAKT regulars Nadja Chatti, Love Lagerberg and David Eliasson.

Feb 24 @ 2000, Tak

Jin Mustafa is one of Stockholm’s favourite DJs, but this weekend there’s another side of her work on display. She’s putting on an ambient set at Hosoi on Saturday evening, which will be the prefect way to space softly into Saturday night.
Feb 24 @ 1900, Hosoi

Swedish Rock’n’Roll Club (probably the world’s most direct-to-the-point club name) are preparing to make their debut this weekend with a light night at Scalateatern. Driven by a studio collective headed by Amanda Eddestål, Clara Gyökeres and Julia Boman (aka rock trio VERO), the club promises cheap thrills, messy fun and a community spirit with roots deep in the city’s underground indie culture. VERO themselves headline the opening night with support from GHLOW, and Tella Viv and Kiss My Ass Club DJ.

Feb 24 @ 2100, Scalateatern

Stockholm is getting a taste (literally) of a very Norwegian tradition this February as Skreifestivalen comes to the city’s fish restaurants. Skrei is the Norwegian term for young Atlantic cod, which come down from the Barents Sea in the far north to the their spawning grounds off the Norwegian Lofoten Islands from January to April every year. Cod in this condition have a firmer texture and better flavour, and are regarded by the Norwegians are being at their best. Traditionally important for being a source of vitamin D during the dark winter months, the arrival of the year’s first Skrei is a big celebration in the local calendar in the Lofoten area. And this year, Stockholm is getting in on the act. Eight restaurants across the city have gotten their chefs to put together special Skrei menus for the festival. Sjöpaviljongen, Konstnärsbaren, Ulla Winbladh, Stockholm Fisk, Melanders Dalagatan, Täby and Söderhallarna, and Edsbacka Wärdshus are the participating restaurants, serving up everything you could imagine cod to be. The festival runs for ten days, from February 15 to 25.
Ends this weekend, various venues

Platform is a shared, participatory studio space in Liljeholmen, and The Dept. Of Ways And Means is a joint exhibition there by the artists Katarina Sylvan and Richard Krantz. Sylvan works with sculpture, painting and words and Krantz works with mechanist art in nature and science-fiction, and what they’ve created is, well, hard to explain without having visited, which we haven’t. A text on the Platform site by Florence Wild adds depth to the idea, and it’s open in three-hour sessions this weekend.
Feb 23-25 @ 1100, Platform Stockholm, Lövholmsgränd 12

Photo: sweeep by Malin Bernalt



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