F12 Terrassen Returns For The Summer

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F12 Terrassen
Panorama Test

Though it is open over the winter, F12 feels like it needs the summer and the opening of its terrace to really come to life. Luckily, that day is almost here. F12 Terrassen has its premiere night of 2018 tomorrow, kicking off at 22:00 and open until 05:00.

Things have changed a little at F12, with the group behind Mr.French taking over the venue. There’s also a new crew in change of running the club. Amanda Persson, Victor Eriksson and Janina Sibbel-Becker are in as heads of entertainment, with Sibbel-Becker saying “For bringing creative souls together under a blue sky and for dancing through the summer nights, there’s nowhere that fulfils that dream like F12”. Also onsite this year is the restaurant Publico, complete with new outdoor seating.

F12 Premiere, May 16, 22:00-05:00



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