Studio Barnhus Bring Parkfesten To Vitabergsparken

Austin Maloney
Posted July 10, 2018 in Music

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The Studio Barnhus crew (Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Petter Nordkvist) have a new project underway. They’ve announced that this summer they’re starting a new outdoor music festival, coming to Vitabergsparken this weekend. Entitled Parkfesten, and developed in collaboration with the beer brand TT, they’ve curated a line-up of international and local acts, with a range that stretches from techno to reggae. We had a quick chat with Boman ahead of the festival.

Where did the idea for Parkfesten come from, and what kind of identity did you want the festival to have?
We’ve had the idea for a Studio Barnhus festival for a long time, a type of eclectic festival with a diverse lineup and cross-over art experiences. something that attracts a diverse audience with a big age spread, maybe something that reminds me of the festivals my parents used to take me to. It turned out that TT had been thinking of a similar idea so we started brain storming this concept called Parkfesten, which is probably is best described as a “updated 70’s hippie park festival”. I’m hoping for a lot of bare feet, friendly vibes and flowers in hair.

Take us through the line-up you’ve put together for the festival.
Hopefully there will be a quite exciting flow of music during the day, starting with the mellow electronica and funky house music from Studio Barnhus’s star Bella Boo and some glorious live acid crooning from Your Planet Is Next. Following him is the Reggae Rave concept that me, Pedrodollar, Kornél & Superpitcher have put together, and it’s a dream of mine, filling the hills of Vitabergen with that music. London’s (and Sweden’s) finest Fatima is following Reggae Rave, hot on the heels of a newly released album, and is bringing her live PA show. Wrapping up the day will be Steven Julien (Funkineven), an amazing DJ talent that usually spans a lot of genres and vibes. I’m sure he will bring it home in a soulful way, be it electronic or disco.

You’ve talked about wanting to present a broad stylistic range with the acts you’ve booked. So what were you looking for in the artists you’ve booked? Why did these particular artists stand out?
I’m sure we’re only at the beginning of a big pop career for Fatima and this is a dream come true to have her playing this park party, especially since her new record is coming out this summer. Steven Julien is one of London’s most forward thinking producers, his productions sounds like no-one else’s. The rest of the lineup is more or less Barnhus-related, hopefully showing the range of music we like.

With the concept, Reggae Rave, you’ve talked about wanting to shine a light on underexplored parts of the reggae world for a techno and house focused audience. Do you think Stockholm’s music public needs to be more open to different genres, and not limit themselves in the music and live shows they go to?
It’s basically just good music, not too complicated! But maybe since we usually attract a more club-oriented crowd they could also enjoy the music we obsess about when we buy all these 7″s on Discogs? I think the Stockholm crowd is perfect for Reggae Rave! Super open minded! One of the best audiences in the world in my opinion.

How do you see Parkfesten developing in future years? Where would you like to take the festival?
I would love if the festival becomes a yearly tradition and that it could grow, making it possible to do even bigger and crazier lineups! Lets hope this one goes off without too much trouble. I can’t wait to start dream of next year’s edition.

Finally, what are the important ingredients for an outdoor party?
Sun, beer, big bass speakers and a friendly attitude

Reggae Rave with Superpitcher (DE), Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács and Pedrodollar.
Fatima (UK/SE)
Bella Boo (SE)
FunkinEven (UK)
Your Planet is Next (SE)

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