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Friday the 26th of September’s the day Club UNDERGÅNGEN opens it’s black gates!

During a magical evening every month Stockholm’s provided with some of todays greatest bands in the stoner/doom/psychadelica genre.

There will be lots of groovy bands reeking of beer, fuzz and evil, one of the club organizer’s, Maria Khyle announces. The cosmic love is on us!

 UNDERGÅNGEN’s the temple everyone’s supposed to feel welcomed, Elin Sundling continues. We’re proud to presentn Mushroom Caravan Overdrive and Mother Kasabian at the opening, both totally rad bands!

The heroes of Leksand, Mushroom Caravan Overdrive, are inspired by bands like Sleep, Kyuss and Sabbath. They treat us the to best mix of heavy psychedelic stoner rock and ominous doom. Let them take you away on their incredible journey now they’re finally playing in Stockholm!

Mother Kasabian originate from a town right out of Bethlehem. spirited by the ancient malicious elements their music’s created from the power of The Church and the age-old Temple’s mystique. Smell the odour of doom, stench of stoner rock and fetor of fuzz. Mother Kasabian’s a live experince none should miss out.


First band starts at 22:30 so don’t be late!

Opening hours: 21:00-02:00

Address: Nalen Klubb, David Bagares gata 15

Metro: Östermalmstorg/Hötorget

Entrence fee: 100 kr i dörren

Age limit: 18



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