The Weekender Nov 2, 3, 4: Your Guide To Stockholm’s Weekend

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Sarah Klang rose to fame off the back of her claim to be the “saddest girl in Sweden”, a title that may be under threat since Lykke Li returned this summer. Either way, she’s still an excellent artist, and he debut album Love In The Milky is an expert exercise is slow-burn, graceful country-rock. She also draws big crowds, which is why she’s managed to sell three dates at Södra Teatern, starting off this Sunday.

Nov 4, 18:00-23:00, Södra Teatern

One of the breakthrough films for amine’s popularity in the west, Akira is a post-apocalyptic drama set in a destroyed and rebuilt 2019 Tokyo (now called Neo-Tokyo) full of outlaws, psychic powers and shadowy military agents. In honour of the film’s 30th anniversary (and it getting unsettlingly close to the era it’s set it), Bio Capitol are showing it on Sunday.

Nov 4, 18:00-20:00, Bio Capitol

Klubb OkiDoki returns to Laika this weekend in seasonal form as it becomes Klubb Spookidoki for Halloween. This round features photography from Elsa Soläng, music from DJs Matilda Ekman Vråmo, Oliver Györki, A dj named de jounge and Réa Réa and visuals from Oliver Györki and Jenny Andersén.
Nov 3, 19:00-01:00, Laika

Run by the concert bookers Luger and the Pistonhead Foundation, Made By is an event that aims to bring different cultural experiences to life around Sweden. The first edition was curated by visual artists Atlas Television, with the second by cultural magazine Nuda, and the third by musician and artist Leslie Tay. Now the final outing for the year is coming to Södra Teatern on Friday, with the radio collective Klara Radio. Klara Radio, who you may know from their residency at Stockholm Under Stjärnornathis summer, is basically designed as a digital platform for the city’s culture, broadcasting sets from musicians and much more (they invited DJs to SUS this summer and broadcast their sets on the channel). They’re taking over the whole Södra house on Friday, inviting Off The Meds, HAJ3000, the artist Ilja Karilampi and many more. Mattias Larsson Polanco, one of Klara Radio’s co-founders, says “We are so hyped to be able to curate a whole night at Södra Teatern, on completely our terms. It’s going to be so cool with a whole new venue for us, as we’ve only been at one previously. Now we have the opportunity to inspire and come into contact with even more people, and we hope that together with our guests we can create a fantastic evening at Södra Teatern”.

Nov 2, 22:00-03:00, Södra Teatern

Det Arroganta Svinet began as the baby of  Tommy Granström, who began smoking meat at home as a hobby before eventually landing deeper in the world of BBQ. Eventually, after creating what he called “Sweden’s best Texas BBQ” he went into the game full-time, and in March this year he opened up his garage-restaurant to the public in Jordbro.  Now he’s bringing it to Stockholm and Vassa Eggen this höstlov. Granström’s methods involve no marinades or special spices, just a little salt and pepper. The meat is slow-cooked and smoked over fifteen hours, with Granström saying “It can take a whole night to smoke the meat and the smoke flavour comes exclusively from the oak wood”. Niklas Odin of Vassa Eggen says “The quality of this meat, Texas BBQ, is like nothing we’ve ever tasted before in this type of food. It feels unbelievably fun and completely right that Vassa Eggen should have this guest our menu. We are a Steak House and love really good meat, and this type of thing is something we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves”.
Nov 2, 3, Vassa Eggen

Main Photo: Sarah Klang by Linnéa Wilhelmsson



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