Posted October 1, 2012 in Music

Love Lagerberg is a busy guy these days. Besides working part time at both booking agency Luger and as music/night club director at the art hall Färgfabriken, he also writes about electronic music in monthly magazine Nöjesguiden. Yet he always seems to make time for an occasional DJ gig – where you often see him playing “sunset type of melodies stuck in a loose house music formula”. We decided to catch up with him and see what’s going on this fall.

What is your favourite night spot?
Hm, maybe on my way home at night, walking through the spooky, dark and empty Gamla Stan and the only living thing around is enormous amounts of rats trying to find culinary leftovers from all the closed restaurants. I especially like that the street lightning in Gamla Stan is very carefully done. It’s not as bright as elsewhere in Stockholm by night. I think that might also explain why I still get lost though I am living in that neighbourhood.

What’s the most interesting trend in the Stockholm night life scene for the moment?
I did like the overwhelming amount of mid-day open airs happening nowhere and everywhere around Stockholm this summer. The fact that people take care of things themselves makes for healthy competition with everyone “professional”. I also have the feeling that Stockholmers are digging deeper and are getting more interested in music in general which in the long term is leading to a more diverse nightlife climate. That’s an overall tendency I would say.

What do you think about the future of Stockholm night life?
It’s really been improving continuously over the last couple of years. The unique will always survive. It’s important to stress that night life should not be something consistent, it’s about fugitive moments, expectations and undreamt dreams.

It’s actually supposed to change the way we think, the way we treat each other and to put ourselves in situations we are not used to experience. That’s what I like most working with Färgfabriken, I think. People don’t know what to expect from all the irregular thrown parties in a space which is an art hall during the daytime.

What are your personal plans for the future?
I’m going to keep doing what I do as long as it’s inspiring and keep getting all these awesome kicks from listening to ace music. Well, ace music is enough for me to be satisfied with everything. Together with fresh rice that’s all I need I think.

What are you looking forward to the most about the fall?
Oh I have so much in the pipeline! For example October 24 when the amazing falsetto R’n’B artist How To Dress Well performs in one of our more heavenly and spacious rooms at Färgfabriken. The futuristic producer Brenmar will play 12th of October at Under Bron. I’m also looking forward to some UK DJ bookings further on in Stockholm, for example Blawan. It will be great to eat some rice too.


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