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Back in May we indulged in some of Stockholm’s best “street eats”, and to our delight, the food truck craze has finally been allowed to officially set foot in Stockholm. With food trucks making their way around the world, we all agree that Stockholm would benefit from this cheap way of getting great food in a short space of time. There had always been a problem with getting permits for the food trucks, but that all changed last month when the rules were relaxed and the joys of street food are now slowly rolling out along the city streets. Permits have now been granted to about 15 food trucks so far – the prayers of Stockholmers are being answered, and a welcome tasteful buzz is arriving on our streets.

Fred’s Food Truck


Serving all the typical American favourites ranging from a Reuben sandwich to the famous Philly Cheese Steak, Fred’s Food Truck is a huge hit all around town. The truck is constantly on the go, varying in locations throughout the week. I was lucky enough to sample Fred’s great pulled pork sandwich and it was mouth-watering, with just the right amount of sauce and coleslaw on top. The bun was glazed with oil and complimented the flavours beautifully.

Why did you choose to start a food truck based on some of America’s favorites? What inspired you?

I was really tired of just hotdog stands on the street. I saw the phenomenon of food trucks in New York and San Francisco and knew that was what Stockholm was missing. I just thought, why not here?

What do you think food trucks add to the culture and food scene in Stockholm?

I don’t think food has to be so complicated, and it should be more available. There has to be an alternative to sitting down at a restaurant for people who are short on time. I think it’s important to develop Stockholm’s takeaway culture.


Bun Bun Truck


Bun Bun offers the deliciousness of mixing two different cuisines and providing a unique angle to food trucks. The food to be found inside this popular vessel is based on French-inspired Vietnamese food, called  Bánh mì. Bun Bun offers baguettes with Vietnamese marinated pork, chicken, tofu, and much more. Then the real Vietnamese flavour steps in with toppings galore – crunchy sour pickles, spicy mayo, cilantro and chili.

What sparked the idea behind starting a truck with Vietnamese- and French-influenced cuisine?

It all started with San Francisco – they have a highly-developed food truck scene and our founder and co-owner, Kristoffer, brought back his favourite among the concepts. It is two rich food cultures combined, so what can go wrong?




There is nothing quite like chilli rooted from the deep south of the United States, as Chilibussen creators, Eric and Mårten, would agree. The duo behind this food truck idea have tried to capture that magic and  bring it onto the streets of Stockholm. They sum up what they offer in one simple sentence  – “we’re just a bus with chili.” That may well be, but at least you you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic to get a beautiful Texas chili in a quick and easy way.

What about Texas Chili inspired you to do a food truck based off it?

The idea with Texas Chili came up to us one night, while having Chili for dinner, and we realized that Texas Chili wasn’t served in many restaurants in Stockholm at all. We therefore thought it was time for us to bring that lovely food to the streets of Stockholm.

What do you think your food truck brings to Stockholm’s cultural food scene?

We have both traveled in the U.S and we think that food trucks over there add something positive to the urban environment. We intend to help bring that culture to Sweden. Stockholm deserves really good and genuine street food.


El Taco Truck


Stockholm is known to love the delicious cuisine of Mexico. So it’s not surprising that one of our very first food trucks to come to Stockholm was El Taco Truck. To the delight of old fans and new, the already loved truck is now officially able to take on the streets of Stockholm. The creators, Niklas Bolle and Nikola Adamovic, have gone above and beyond to create a unique blend of Mexican tacos with endless toppings. “We will continue to add value to both food trucks and more generally Mexican cuisine in Stockholm,” says Niklas. “We have added two more pink beauties ready to hit the streets soon. Keep your eyes open at Stockholm’s prime locations.” With a constantly changing menu ranging from Pork Chuleta to Chicken Chipotle and many in between, this food truck offers tastes for just about anyone.


Bon Coin


When it comes to some of the world’s favourite French cuisine the crêpe has always been at the top of the list. The beloved Bon Coin Crêperie Bistro, who is known to have mastered both crêpes and galettes (the buckwheat version of crêpes), has decided to extend itself further to its fans by creating the very first food truck focusing on these in Stockholm. “We honour the origin of the crepe and want to give our customers an authentic experience,” say the creators of Bon Coin. Fillings are endless ranging from eggs, to meats, to fruits, and even homemade caramel! Sounds incredible, right? For those of you who always find yourself torn between savory and sweet, this is the right food truck for you.

Words by Angela Markovic


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