The It List: The best bagels in Stockholm

Posted August 18, 2015 in More

To graduate from the school of bagel excellence you must have had at least a few taste tests in NYC, which of course has the PH.D of bagels. Across the waters here in Stockholm there are some places that are a hit and some that are a miss. Luckily we at Totally Stockholm have put together the best local places for these doughy delights so you know exactly where to go.


Urban Bagels

Hands down Urban Bagels wins the top bagel prize. Their bagels are fresh, smell delicious and are filled with the quality produce and meats. Plus they make a variety of bagels that are hard to find in other bakeries like, Cinnamon(my fave),sesame, jalapeno, whole grain and many many more. Do yourself a favor next time you have a craving and go here.

Kungsgatan 66



With a name like Bagel Street Cafe you kind of have to serve up delicious bagels right? Well true to their name Bagel Street is one of the best in town and has interesting and  innovative dishes like The Sushi bagel,  with salmon, avocado and pepper root and The Louisiana, grilled chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce and other items that will make any foodie happy. Plus with great wifi and coffee it’s a great place to sit and have bagels for breakfast and lunch!


Bagel Deli

The selection is good and the service ever better. The bagel sandwiches are conventional but truly delicious and comes with lots and lots of salad! The perfect place to come when you don’t feel like cooking your own lunch.
Sankt Göransgatan 67



Café Vero

Even though the bagels are more like paninis and sometimes don’t have holes in them, they are generously topped and all the bread is made in house. You can’t go wrong with that. Plus the atmosphere is so cozy and relaxing you can sit all day.

Ringvägen 110
Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.21.08 PM

If you care skeptical about fresh food at a chain, well you should be. But I can attest for Wayne’s coffee that their bagels are not boring and standard in a  “one taste fits all” chain kind of way. The bagels are delivered from a local bakery and taste fresh and with the perfect crunch. The insides might could be a little fresher but the bagels do not disappoint.



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