A Day In The Life: Hornstulls Marknad

Conner McTague
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Hornstulls Marknad
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If the words “flea market” make your ears perk up, you aren’t alone. Interesting products that you don’t see many places, and the chance to try new food – who would say no?

After a short walk across the street from Hornstull station and going down a set of stairs towards Tanto, you’re greeted by hundreds of people swimming and trying to catch a summer tan, others taking a walk with their family, dogs, or both, along the shoreline.

On the other side of the park is the market.

The six-year-old Hornstulls Marknad is open Saturdays and Sundays till the last weekend of September, and today, as usual, there’s a line of food trucks serving Indian, American and traditional Swedish food, as well as more exotic fare. The flea market stallholders sell everything from clothes, to jewellery, to paintings and other artistic creations. Potential buyers are walking around, taking a look at the items and enquiring about the cost.

Mathias Miriam Nirstedt is selling clothes, shoes and other items. He’s been here about ten times before as a browser, but today is his first time as a seller. “It’s nice but it’s pretty hot, so there are fewer people than normal. Although it’s been a nice vibe.”

What does he enjoy most about this market though?

“The food trucks are really nice and I like handy crafts, like jewellery and those kinds of shops.”

Peter Lincoln and Mingus Wass work at the Folkölsbutiken cart at the market, their second year doing so, though it’s the third overall for Folkolsbutiken. “It was the first time beer was sold at a street market,” says Lincoln.

Photo: Conner McTague

Wass and Lincoln both say their experiences have been good during their time at Hornstulls Marknad, as long as the weather is nice. “It’s a bit rough when it’s five degrees outside,” says Wass.

So what’s the best part of a weekend down here?

“It doesn’t really feel like working,” says Wass. “It’s more like hanging out with your friends and enjoying the time than anything else,” he adds as he points to a friend who’s asleep on a lawn chair. “Make sure you get a picture of him.”

Lincoln agrees with Wass’ statement. “It’s enjoyable, because you meet the same [kind of] people who either have a food truck or are vendors as well.”

A couple is talking with the vendor a few carts over, asking how much a drink from the cafe  Fogarolli costs. The drinks are warm beverages and vary from black coffee, to espressos, to cappuccinos. The vendor’s name is Ashish Maharjan and he has been at the market for about a year and a half and his experience has been “quite pleasant” adding that the people who he comes across are all nice and easy going.

Photo: Conner McTague

The most enjoyable part?

“Meeting new people, being able to talk with them and make new acquaintances each and every week.”

Hornstulls Marknad, Every Saturday & Sunday, Hornstulls Strand

Main Image: Courtesy Of Hornstulls Marknad



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